Playing music professionally for over 20 years, Jory Lyle continues to do what he does best, play music. He is an extremely dynamic performer with songs going from a whisper, to a roar and back, leaving you emotionally part of the show. Whether it's a solo gig with his acoustic guitar or a full band gig, you can feel the emotion put into every note and word. 

"It's all about dynamics. I don't see any point in playing music if it doesn't make people feel a certain way. Dynamics is emotion. Without emotion, music doesn't exist. It's why we listen to music...to feel something or someway" - Jory Lyle

After a recent 30-day Tour through the Southeast and Midwest (covering FL, GA, SC, NC, TN, KY, OH, MI, IN, IL, WI, and MN), Jory is back in the studio and playing local Florida gigs. 

Jory's live shows are very diverse. He will play a 1-hr solo show of all original material one night, then play a 4-hr show of all cover tunes the next night. It all depends on the venue. The cover songs he plays are mostly some of his favorites as well as popular tunes from the 80's, 90's and 2K's.

"I like to make people dance. My original tunes aren't all that danceable, normally. Playing cover gigs is fun for me, and there is no better way to keep your chops up as a player then playing a bunch of different styled tunes for 3-4hrs. It really makes me a much better player. Also, I play with some really amazing players when I do cover gigs. I love being on stage with these guys. We tend to jam songs out a bit. We like to stretch it out if the crowd is digging it. You'll rarely hear a song played the same twice." - Jory Lyle

And the crowds dig it alright. Jory is getting well know for the skill and diversity of the musicians he has playing with him. Each night he is with the band, Jory is joined by the finest players in town. One night he may have a rock drummer, the next he might have a latin fusion drummer. One night a trio, the next night could be a 10-piece band. His command of the players and stage is impossible not to notice. His shows are scalable to any venue size and he will continue to amaze the crowd. 

Jory's original music has been described as a mix between Counting Crows, John Mayer, and Radiohead. Lyrics with minor undertones ranging from subjects like: insecurities, human condition, abuse, self-doubt, and loss make up the majority of his catalog, with a couple of love songs thrown in there. You just might not know that they are love songs on the surface.

"I am genuinely a very happy guy with an upbeat attitude. I'm not sure why I right sad songs, I guess it's just my outlet. I try to write lyrics that aren't very obvious. I try to trick you a little bit with the subject of the song. And I love metaphors..." - Jory Lyle

Jory started playing music Professionally while still in High School. He honed his skills while going to the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio. Right out of high school, he gained local success in a band called Slide, which brought him to play guitar for Singer/Songwriter Steven Budd where he opened for many national bands passing through. While Budd took a little hiatus from music, Jory and bassist Keith Niedermeier began working on songs they had written. This quickly became the band The Hansons with drummer Rob Desmond. They went on to record "Rob's Fashion Corner" and experience some regional success doing tours all through the midwest. The band broke up while working on their second release. 

Jory, sickened with the record industry at the time, decided to switch his focus on playing cover tunes. He moved to chicago and played 5 nights a week. After a failed marriage to his "college sweetheart" Jory moved to San Diego, CA where he hooked up with the songwriting group Red Tuesday. He spent a year in the studio writing and recording songs with Red Tuesday, who became a well respected band in the area, but never had any commercial success. 

While in San Diego, Jory also played guitar for "Holiday and the Adventure Pop Collective" to support their national release "Become". After marginal record sales, the band changed the name and became the acoustic duo of "Los Dos Bros" and Jory moved on to "Solarcade".

Solarcade was a Los Angeles band and an industry and critic's favorite. Rolling Stone Magazine gave Solarcade the "What's Hot" in one edition of the magazine. With an opening slot for The Killers on a few regional dates during their "Sam's Town" tour, it seemed like they were poised for national success. After becoming very clear that the band was stuck in a bad record deal, Jory left the band. 

Opportunity brought Jory up to Los Angeles. He moved to the Hollywood Hills and lived in a house with Daven Michaels Who had earned a gold record for breaking Coolio and several other acts. While in Los Angeles, Jory played live shows and recorded the self titled debut album with hot up-and-comers Get Licious (record is available on iTunes). With a couple of songs on hit television series "The Hills", and some other spots, the band looked like it was about to launch. Unfortunately personal lives and redirection led to the breakup of the band. 

After years of supporting other artists, Jory decided to reenter the Singer/Songwriter role. He hadn't recorded or release his own material since The Hanson's and he was ready to get back to work and call the shots. 

Jory moved up to a small cabin in Big Bear Lake, CA and setup a studio to begin writing and recording. While in Big Bear, he played cover gigs at the local bars and quickly became a town favorite. During this process, he was reconnected with a girl that he grew up with. This lead to a baby in 2010. 

"Fatherhood is everything to me. It's quite simply the most important role that I have as a human. I couldn't be happier" - Jory Lyle

Jory and his new family moved to Southwest Florida to be closer to family and raise his kiddo. After a 5 year hiatus, Jory got back to music. Starting by getting his chops up with some solo acoustic cover gigs led to playing several times a week. He has since relocated to Jacksonville and is back in the studio finishing writing and recording, all the while playing 3-5 times a week throughout Florida. 

Visit the following for information on progress of the record and Jory's live show schedule:

Website: jorylyle.com

Booking: jorylyle@gmail.com

Performance Videos: facebook.com/jorylylemusic/videos

Tour Schedule: bandsintown.com/jorylyle

Original Songs (Lyric Videos): youtube.com/jorylyle