While I am in the studio doing demos and writing material, I am by myself, playing all of the instruments, as well as doing the recording and engineering. During this process, some cool things are happening with the songs, and although they are not very polished, and things will probably change for the final recording, the one thing that I realize is that the original versions of songs sometimes come out unique and worth sharing. I've seen really fantastic songs get lost to overthinking. Every songwriter that I know deals with the same aggravation. So I decided to do some "lyric video demo sneak previews" of current tunes that I am working on. Please feel free to comment and share your opinions, as brutal as they might be with me (and subscribe to my youtube channel!). When you are the one doing everything, it's hard to step back and get a different perspective. Thanks for listening! 

I'm out (Acoustic Mix & Lyrics) - Jory Lyle

Letter (Demo & Lyric Video) - Jory Lyle

Don't Fall (Demo & Lyric Video) - Jory Lyle

Run (Demo & Lyric Video) - Jory Lyle

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