New T-Shirts Available!!!

As many of you are aware, Covid has done a number on the music industry. Although I am very fortunate to be playing some gigs right now to stay afloat, I am just barely scraping by. Purchases of Shirts, CD's, and other merch can REALLY make a difference for us independant musicians out there. I can't thank you enough for your support!!! When I decided to name my EP "Still Drunk from Breakfast", one of the things that I considered is what a great T-shirt it would make. As I played around with shirt ideas I decided that I wanted the viewer to have to pay a little attention in order to make out what the shirt said. I also wanted to have a simple design without my face or name all over a shirt. I wanted a shirt that I could wear myself without feeling like an ego maniac!! I am happy with the result. I am certain that each of you know at least 5-10 people who you could buy this shirt for as a order away!! Size and ordering notes: There is an order link on the right pane of my website ( The only color available is black for now. The Men's Shirt is a traditional cotton tee. The Womens shirt is a V-Neck Cotten Tee. The sizes are in the dropdown menu. If your size is not listed, order it in a different size and put your actual size in the notes when cheking out and we will get your size ordered.